Wildlife Summary: GDT Section F/G

This section was a bit more scattered, but with some more unusual sightings.

  • One moose – a young bull
  • What looked to be a wolverine walking away from me at Timothy Slide campground as I was walking to the toilet in the dark. It seemed reluctant to move from it’s resting spot!
  • Ducks!
  • Lots of large ground birds
  • Several deer by Jasper on the highway
  • One large Elk by Jasper on the highway
  • Lots of fresh bear scat (it’s berry season!) but no bears 🙂
  • Only a few ground squirrels for once
  • A few marmots
  • Several small rodents (mice?) scurrying across the trail
  • Two unfortunate dead mice – one on a gravel bar on Jackpine River and one in the Kakwa Cabin 😦

I was very surprised by the wolverine. I wasn’t expecting to ever see one but it was pretty hard to mistake. It just looked up and slowly, reluctantly walked away from me as I was walking down the path with my headlamp on shouting. Unfortunately it was too early and cold for me to have my phone out to take photos.

The young bull was pretty close. We were making noise, yelling, and popped out to a brushy (tall) meadow before Timothy Slide campground and he just looked our way and trotted down the hill. I’m very glad we make noise and did not surprise him! He was very chill about the whole thing but I’m sure that’s because he knew we were coming and knew he was in control! Happened too fast to document as well.


After we finished the GDT and were walking on the trail out of Kakwa we saw another young bull moose on the road.

Wildlife Summary: GDT Section E

We had a break from a few days with no animal sightings and got a wave of sightings instead!

  • Several Ptarmigans – three when we just finished going down “Owen Pass” AKA “Zinger Pass”. Then about five of them running around when we woke up at Michele Lake
  • A herd of big horned sheep when going down Owen/ Zinger Pass. Lots of young ones!
  • Many, many marmots
  • Several (cute!) pet dogs when approaching civilization in Jasper.

This was a pretty good section and each sighting was a quality one. We held our distance with the sheep, but the Ptarmigans were as fearless as usual and came quite close to us! The marmots kept their distance for once and some of them looked quite young.

Wildlife Summary: GDT Section C

In GDT Section C we did not see as diverse wildlife as Section B. But when we did see something, we saw a lot of it! Quick summary below:

  • Grouse and three chicks
  • Grouse and two chicks
  • 21 toads
  • Lots of ground squirrels
  • Lots of people!
  • Some interesting unidentified animal remains…

In Section C we really started to see more people. On several occasions we called out to make noise to warn wildlife and saw people come around the corner! How embarrassing!

This was just the start – things just get progressively more busy the closer you get to Banff!