Great Divide Trail

2021 GDT Thru

We love it so much we are planning a second hike – this time sharing it with our favourite person in the world!

For the 2021 hiking season we are planning on hiking the GDT again, this time thru to Robson, with our baby boy Toothless.

Our planned start date is July 5 (again!). Our itinerary is 58 days, but must be flexible.

Since this attempt is with a baby, it will be much more flexible and relaxed than our 2018 thru hike.


Gear List 2021 GDT

Pre-GDT (2021)


Waterton to Coleman:

Coleman to Peter Lougheed:

Peter Lougheed to Field:

Field to Crossing:

Crossing to Jasper:

Jasper to Mt Robson:

2018 GDT Thru

We thru hiked the Great Divide Trail (GDT) NOBO in the summer of 2018. The GDT is an 1130 km trail along the great divide in Canada, going between Waterton Lakes National Park (at the US/ Canada border) to Kakwa Provincial Park and Protected Area.

Our start date was July 5, 2018, and we finished the trail on August 23, 2018.

We spent a total of 49 days on the trail including four (4) zero days.

After finishing the trail we hiked out of the remote area around Kakwa Provincial Park down the 70km access road for another 45 km or so until we were able to hitch a ride with a Wildfire Management worker who was managing a fire along the road.


Great Divide Trail Association

Our gear list for the GDT (2018)

Our meal plan for the GDT (2018)



Jasper – Kakwa:

Crossing – Jasper:

Field – Crossing:

Peter Lougheed – Field:

Coleman – Peter Lougheed:

Waterton – Coleman: